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Fine Diamond Ring by Marina D Jewels

Diamond Collection

Colorless Diamonds are the most versatile gems due to their neutral color, and unlike other gemstones, these Diamonds are prized for the lack of color.  At Marina D, we create classics to last generations, with an emphasis on simplicity, using 18K Gold and Platinum.
A Fine Emerald & Diamond Ring by Marina D

Emerald (Beryl) Collection

Beryls include Emeralds, Aquamarine, and Morganite.  Emeralds are the rarest, and most prized gemstones in this group, due to their rarity.  Marina D procures the very best in fine Beryls and produces timeless jewellery pieces in 18K Gold and Platinum.
Fancy Diamond Collection

Fancy Diamond Collection

We have been procuring rare and important gemstones, which include the uber-rare Fancy Pink Diamonds, and Fancy Yellow Diamonds.  Marina D Jewels is proud to present unique fine jewellery from its Fancy Diamond Collection.  We finished these creations in 18K Gold and Platinum, and work with the best artisans in Canada.
Kurtulan Collection

Kurtulan Collection

Marina D is proud to present our Kurtulan lineup.  Sourced from far reaches of the world, this collection is rich with history, referencing design cues of Byzantine times.  The artisans at Kurtulan take great care in finishing these jewels using high purity 995 Gold, infused with Silver, and accented with a touch of Natural Diamonds.  Each piece is hand inscribed and is accompanied with a Certificate.
Men's Jewellery Collection

Men's Jewellery Collection

Men's Jewellery has to communicate classic designs that can be relevant for generations to come as an heirloom.  Men's Jewellery also needs to be tough and resilient.  At Marina D, we keep this philosophy in mind and incorporate these designs cues into our finished Men's Jewellery.
White South Sea Pearl Earring by Marina D

Pearl Collection

Gifts from the open Oceans, Pearls are one of the few organic gems.  Judged by their roundness, smoothness, luster, and diameter, Pearls have caught the eye of collectors for thousands of years, and the importance of quality rare Pearl varieties command a lot of interest.  In general terms, the saltwater varieties include Akoya, Conch, Tahitian, and South Sea Pearls trade at the top of the market. Marina D Jewels trades in the very best varieties of Pearls, hand made in 18K Gold and Platinum.
Marina D Fine Ruby & Diamond Heart Ring

Ruby & Sapphire (Corundum) Collection

Corundum is a Sanskrit word that goes back millennia, as do the two classic colored precious gemstones, namely, Rubies and Sapphires.  Rubies are the rarest and most prized Red variety of Corundum.  Sapphires on the other hand are comprised of all other colors, ranging from Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Purple.  Paparadsha Sapphire refers to a rare color which resembles an Pinkish-Orange color found in Lotus flowers.  Marina D design is inspired by classic lines, and often guided by the gemstone we are working with.  Often, the center stone shape, color, and clarity give the designer some cues, and we consult with our clients to capture their preferences.  All Marina D creations in this collection are finished in Gold or Platinum.
Citrine & Diamond Ring by Marina D

Semi-Precious Collection

Marina D's Semi-Precious collection includes Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Preidot, Opal, and other varieties of gemstones.  The wide range of colors and cuts in semi-precious gems allow our designer to stretch the imagination, and create one of a kind pieces.
Rubellite Tourmaline & Diamond Ring by Marina D

Tourmaline Collection

Natural Tourmaline gemstones come in an array of colors, ranging from the classic Greens, to solid Blacks, brilliant Yellows, and dreamy Blues.  Tourmaline can also exhibit rare Watermelon bi-color variations, which are rare.  Marina D takes pride in working with such a rich color pallette, when creating one of a kind jewellery pieces in 18K Gold and Platinum.