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Our Story



From childhood, I was lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of gems and minerals.  My father was a dealer of rough and faceted precious and semi-precious gems.  While I was studying in Germany during my teens, I had a chance to work with my brother to attend trade shows and learn about gems, minerals, customer service, and sales.  I migrated to Toronto, and continued to get more business experience, but it was not until I moved to Vancouver that I knew I had found my passion.   I had come full circle, to my childhood memories, when handling gems and jewels. 

 Marina D Gems & Jewels was conceived as a brand that would offer precious gemstone jewellery.  We now procure jewellery globally, created by gifted designers, and also make in-house pieces using natural gems and noble metals.  The jewellery we offer are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement.

We are here to serve you for your custom jewellery design needs.  Just drop us a line.  Or, you may choose quality jewellery from our webstore collections.  


Marina D